Angela and I

Angela and I

Monday, November 6, 2017

On the Road - Los Angeles

In an effort not to make every post just a retelling of the day waiting in line and the concert that followed, I think it’s time to talk about the nitty gritty of following a band.  First of all, you’re gonna be tired.  It’s a thing that’s going to happen.  You’re not going to get enough sleep.  You’re going to get up early to line up, stay up late waiting for the guys by the bus or going to the after party, and spend a few nights driving as far as you can before you actually have to lay down.  You can be as prepared and scheduled as you want, but you’re still going to be tired and not get enough sleep.  That’s it is.  Before lining up for the LA show I got probably three solid hours.  Three.  I’m not proud, but here we are!  

Luckily, the line in LA was pretty pleasant.  The spots Lorraine and I procured were in the shade for all but an hour of the day, and we were next to a door that sometimes blew out some air conditioning.  I also have learned that it’s totally acceptable to spend the better part of the day in comfy clothes (ahem...pajamas) and change later, and I have perfected the art of sleeping in a camper chair.  This was the second show, so there were plenty of friendly nods and smiles of recognition when we took our spots.  Hey, we’re all here again!  Cool!  

I was able to take a nap in the van during the day which definitely helped my mental and physical state, but I was still pretty wiped from the day we had in Anaheim.  When we finally got ready to go into the venue, a wave of exhaustion hit me.  When we actually got into the theatre, it was hot and stuffy and I definitely had a moment where I thought I was not going to make it through the show.  I sat on the floor, since we had an hour until the show started and took a few deep breaths.  This was probably the low point of the follow for me…

But then the show started….

I don’t know how we do it, every single time, but somehow the music is magic.  Already Home began and I felt my heart pumping and the smile returning to my face and it was like a jolt of energy coursed through my body.  I was definitely still tired, and by the end I could feel myself crashing (I could barely jump for If Only!!  The blasphemy!!), but the show itself was incredible.

The night was full of surprises. Some highlights!

  • Well first of all, a humongous disco ball was lowered during Where’s the Love.  I’m talking HUGE.  Zac’s face when he saw it right above him was priceless.

  • This Time Around was a definitely a high point.  It was just so powerful and resonated with me this….time around.  
  • They played Runaway Run which will ALWAYS be one of my favorites and will always give me the best kind of goosebumps.  I love it so much.
  • Wildflowers again!!
  • They brought Danny Hutton from Three Dog Night on stage to sing Never Been to Spain with them.  I’m pretty sure they were way more excited than anyone in the audience was (even though I was screaming pretty hard myself).  It’s so cool to see musicians you admire play and interact with musicians they clearly admire.  
  • I actually DIDN’T cry during SETB.  So that was the biggest surprise of the night for me.
  • I Was Born really is a high point for me every night, which is still crazy considering how long it took me to really warm up to the song.  I was so tired by this point and I was kind of crashing so I just stood still and listened to Taylor’s speech and smiled like an idiot.  I let it all kind of just wash over me, and that was exactly what I needed it to do.  
  • I did in fact cry....during…...MmmBop???  I know, I know...out of all the songs in the entire Hanson catalogue.  MmmBop.  But let me explain!!  The ASL interpreter signed the chorus in a way I was definitely not expecting.  She made a heart with her hands and then signed “I love you” in rhythm with the music and it really choked me up!!  Because that’s what it’s all about, right?  Holding on to the ones we love, and making sure they know we love them and are there for them.  Because this moment is all we have!  

Oh yeah, and it was Zac's birthday!!!! 

because this moment is all we have, sometimes it’s okay to only get three hours of sleep in order to go to a concert.  Sometimes it’s okay to take a nap in a van and spend the day on the sidewalk and talk to your best friend on the phone even though you sound like you’re completely delirious.  Sometimes it’s okay to make friends fast and hard and cling to them for a week, only to say goodbye when the stage lights go out and it’s time to go home.  It’s okay to go through the nitty gritty in order to do the things that make you feel the most alive.  

Peace, Love, and my first birthday on this planet,


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