Angela and I

Angela and I

Friday, December 22, 2017

2017 - Reverse Bucket List

2017 was, for me anyway, full of a lot of firsts. So I made a list of all the things I did this year that I have never done before (I WAS BOOOOORN TO DO...oh...sorry...).

KT’s 2017 Reverse Bucket List

This year I…

Performed in my biggest Shakespeare dream role - Ophelia in Hamlet.

Saw one of my best friends make his Broadway Debut.

Finally saw Walk Off The Earth live.

Wrote a novel.

Spent the summer teaching and playing with some pretty awesome kids.

Joined a band.

Learned to like my body.

Repaired my relationship with the gym.

Wrote enough songs for an album and started making one.

Survived a hurricane.

Played in my first ever ukulele festival.

Had the best birthday.

Went to California.

Put my feet in the Pacific.

Lived in a van.

Travelled across the country for my favorite band.

Met my favorite band.

I hope your year had some good moments, and if it didn't, there's always next year. Sometimes we have bad years, and that's okay! The cool thing about life is that it just keeps going. 2018, here we come!!

Peace, Love, and the Best of Times,

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