Angela and I

Angela and I

Friday, June 13, 2014

You Made This. I Am That.

This rehearsal process has been a whirlwind, but an incredible whirlwind.  Not only am I surrounded by insanely talented and inspiring people, but it has allowed me to take all of the hard and harrowing work I have done in recovery and put it into practice.  For more days than not in the past 8 months, I felt like this thing I was battling was putting me through the ringer, and that the reward wouldn't be worth it in the end.  I can now say that every tear, every scream, every step so far has been worth it.  I am not fully recovered...I am not going to try to kid myself there...but I am well on my way to becoming a success story.

One thing this show and this process has shown me is how truly amazing my body is.  After 4 years of beating myself up, this is somewhat of a new insight.  Every day I am astonished by how my (now much stronger) arms and legs can heave myself up into the jungle-gym like set Eric designed, how I can jump from a platform and not feel breakable, how I can sing the high notes that I lost at my lowest weight. I would have never been able to do this show last summer.  And 2 summers ago? Forget it, I would have gone to the hospital.  Because of this, I have gotten into the habit of thanking my body EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even when it's not 100% sincere.  I would like to share a poem inspired by this practice, which I hope will in turn inspire YOU to join me!

Thank you for forgiving me 
after years of tearing you down 
after years of ignoring your cries for help
tears of frustrating fueling my hatred 
feeling betrayed
while I was the one betraying you. 
I tried so hard to disappear 
to shrink to what I thought was an acceptable amount of space
to take up in the universe.
None at all.
When I was weak
I felt like a perfect china doll
a false smile painted on every brittle bone.
Little did I know
that china dolls break.
I never realized the unadulterated joy in feeling the vibrations created
by boots striking the earth
my own feet inside.
Never relishing in the moments of expansion...
How am I supposed to change the world
when the world has swallowed me whole?
I will swallow the world
and nurture it inside of me
just as my mother did with this inexplicable bundle of atoms
cobbled together with nothing but unconditional love.
I will wrap my strong arms around myself
just as my father held me tight
assuring me that I will never fall
I will only grow.
They made something precious
and strong
and imperfect
Something that can sing, and climb, and laugh, and feel

and expand.

They made something remarkable. 

I am that.  
I am. 

I encourage you to join me in my revolution of self love.  It is so much better than the alternative.  I can not say it enough.  Now let's open this show, shall we??

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