Angela and I

Angela and I

Thursday, March 20, 2014



The sun is shining, exciting things are on the horizon, and it's officially spring.  I'm personally feeling pretty good about life based on those facts alone.  How could you not?  Just look out your window!!  Here's some inspiration in case you're still shaking off those winter blues...

When spring arrives I feel this insatiable urge to go outside.  Every moment of every day the awakening earth is calling me to wander paths and see the world. 

I do so by myself....

...and with friends. 

Or I find friends along the way. 

Spring time is a time for picnics and celebrating earth's bounty...

...and to revel in your inner child. 

Spring time is a time to romp around downtown Lexington with your best friend. 

Spring is Rhubarb season!!

And bunny season.

Spring time is the time to read your favorite books, sip iced coffee, and soak in the vitamin D your dry skin has been craving all winter. 

Spring time is the time to dream about summer...

...and the adventures that lie ahead. 

Can you tell I love spring?  What's your favorite part of this season?  
NOW GO OUTSIDE. You won't regret it.

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