Angela and I

Angela and I

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

12 Years in the Making...

She was lovely and fair as the rose of the summer,
Yet 'twas not her beauty alone that won me;
Oh no, 'twas the truth in her eyes ever dawning,
That made me love Mary, the Rose of Tralee.
 If you know me in any way, you probably know that there is a very sizable chunk of my heart that belongs to Ireland.  I lived there in my younger years, and since the day we were forced to move back to Kentucky, I have been aching to go return.  Lots of things have kept me away.  First of all, traveling is expensive, and a plane ticket to Dublin will set any starving artist back.  Second of all, the opportunity always seemed to be overshadowed by other things I needed to do and other roles I needed to play.  Usually some grand trip to Ireland was a back up plan if I didn't land a gig for the summer.  I have been extremely fortunate with my theatre experience but I have to say that I can feel it in my's time to go back. 

A song for Ireland.
Recently I announced via social media that I am entering the 2014 Kentucky Rose of Tralee Competition.  The dream to go the The Rose of Tralee Festival is one that I have been harboring since 2002, when I watched it on my television in Cabinteely, cheering on the Dublin Rose because there was no Kentucky representative at that time.  The Festival, which turns 55 this year, is a long standing tradition and celebration of Irish culture.  It brings influential young women from around the globe together to make a difference.  This is the 3rd year Kentucky has sent a rose, and I hope to do my home state proud.  I was truly overwhelmed with the support I received from merely announcing the news!

This past Saturday was our first official event as Roses.  We all met, went over the expectations and schedule for the coming month (which is jam packed with exciting things...goodbye February, hello March!), and had an etiquette class taught by Ms. Kentucky 2014 herself: Kelly Anne Beile!  It was so exciting just getting everything started after thinking about it for months.  This coming Saturday are the official interviews with the judges, which I will surely write about once they happen! I can't wait to share this adventure with all of you - and hopefully bring you with me to Ireland this summer via this blog!  

The 2014 KY Roses!
If you want the latest news about the Kentucky Rose of Tralee, like it on Facebook here. There's lots to look forward to - especially the St. Patrick's Day festival and the Rose Ball (contact me if you want tickets!). You can get all of the details for the Rose of Tralee international festival here or follow the twitter here! And don't forget to follow me on twitter as I go on this crazy adventure.

2 of my biggest supporters <33

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