Angela and I

Angela and I

Monday, March 17, 2014

Irish Eyes are Smiling

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

There might be snow on the ground, but there is green in my heart!  It's St. Patrick's Day!  The day where everyone can be Irish, get drunk by noon, wear obnoxious green shirts, and sing about the Emerald Isle at the top of their lungs. This past weekend was a whirlwind what with Rose events, parties, the parade, and the official St. Patty's festival downtown.  Here are some snapshots:

The highlight of the festival for me was being able to sing some of my favorite tunes with Liam's Fancy! I wish I could do this all day every day...

My favorite part about that picture?  The GREEN AND GOLD I spy behind Liam...the most beautiful county colors there are: Kerry! The whole day was a great experience.  I had such a lovely time with the Roses, the Rosebuds, the band, and my family. The luck of the Irish was with us <33 

Very exciting news coming this week...stay tuned!! 

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