Angela and I

Angela and I

Friday, March 7, 2014


I throw around the word "obsessed" a lot.  But the thing's true!  There are a lot of things in this world that I love and that I love VERY deeply.  Every Friday, I will share with you some things I have been OBSESSING over this week, and hopefully they will bring joy into your life just like they have brought joy into mine!!

1. How I Met Your Mother - I have been OBSESSED with this show for a while now.  I was late to the party and didn't start watching it until I could watch 7 seasons in a row in the dead of winter in small town Minnesota BUT it quickly turned into one of my favorite shows.  I adore it and love the characters as if they were my own crew.  I'm constantly on the look out for a real life McLaren's where I can while away hours with my best friends nursing a screwdriver and laughing at eachother's quirks. The series finale is upon us, and I have big plans for March 31st.  One of which is crying my eyes out and having a lot of feelings.

2. BINGO - Every Thursday night at Mellow Mushroom, I play Bingo.  The tradition started on my birthday this past year when we happened upon Bingo night and had an absolute blast.  Now, my week doesn't feel complete without it.  Sarah and I typically go every week, so if you're free any Thursday night, come play with us!  I can promise you a fun time and delicious pizza.

3. Finding Delight- This is my sister's new blog! It's already amazing and it's just the beginning!  Seriously, follow her. I am OBSESSED with blogs in general, so I'm kind of an authority on the matter. It's so good.

4. This Cookbook - I've been reading The Shannon's Blog for a while now, but only recently got around to checking out their cookbook from the library and making some recipes!  Their New York Style Cheesecake is a game changer!

5. The Lego Movie - Seriously so delightful and hilarious.  Go see it if you's not just for kids!  And who doesn't love Chris Pratt (no one...the answer is no one)?

6. McCarthy's Irish Bar - This is my favorite bar in Lexington, and it's not just because I'm incredibly biased since I know the owner and it's connected to the shop I work at.  Thursday night dancing and Saturday morning Rugby.  Really who could ask for more?

7. Submissions Only - Season 3 is FINALLY HERE!

Now it's your turn...what are you OBSESSING about this week? 

p.s. Happy Birthday to my hero, partner in crime, and best friend...MY MOM!! She is the mama who bore me, and the absolute best.  I love you, Mommy!

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