Angela and I

Angela and I

Friday, March 14, 2014

I am OBSESSED (3-14)

It's that time of week again!  This is becoming my favorite post to do because I am so obsessed with so many things. I HAVE A LOT OF LOVE TO GIVE, PEOPLE.  Well let's just jump right in, shall we?!

1. Dance Academy - Thank that baby Jesus for Netflix.  I love Australian teen dramas, and Netflix delivers 3 whole seasons of (in my opinion) the nation's best.  Dance Academy.  Yes, Tara is insufferable, Abigail is pretty much the worst, and the living situation is hardly believable...but that doesn't mean I don't love every second of this show. It's equal parts corny and incredibly honest. How do the Aussies do it?!  I want to be Kat when I grow up.  She's just the coolest! Sammy is just the most adorable little nugget on the planet, and I find myself screaming at Abigail for being so mean to him in the beginning of his pursuit of her.  But like, can we talk about Abigail for a minute?!  She's an awful human being, but I obviously find myself relating to her.  Some of the ways she lashes out hit so close to home it hurts.  Girl, I GET IT. Having an eating disorder sucks balls (and I can imagine when you are at the most prestigious dance school in Australia, it's even worse).  Wow I rambled about this show for a while, and I still have more to say.  I guess I'll have to do a post just about Dance Academy...darn!!

2. Indian Chai - When I lived in NYC, I worked at Alice's Tea Cup. It was and still is my favorite job I've ever had, and I can't wait to go back when I am once again in the city.  The only problem was, I got addicted to Indian Chai and would drink it every single morning as I opened the restaurant in the early darkness. It would be by my side as I decorated the scone board and let the first way-too-eager middle aged women in at 8:00 am sharp (*knock knock knock* "It's 7:58 can I come in yet it's so cold out here!!!!").  It is the best chai in the world, and when I came back to Kentucky I didn't realize how much I truly loved it until I didn't have it! BUT...Chelsea to the rescue!!  My GIRL Chelsea, another hostess ATC and my very best work friend, sent me some of the good stuff so my addiction can live on.  Now I just have to get back to the Cup so we can wear top knots and drink Alice's Mochas again every day.  I'm missing the princess lifestyle, ya know?

3. "Top Rated" by Icona Pop - I love Icona Pop more than most things and lately, with the warm weather allowing me to roll down my windows, I have been jamming to this particular song while cruising along in Krysta, the diva-mobile. I literally have kept it on repeat in my car.  I'm working on a Ukulele cover of it, which I will record and post here this coming week! 

4. SUNSHINE - No more cold, gimme that Vitamin D!!

5. "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed - In case you missed the last two posts about it, let's just throw this one in for good measure.  

6. This Queso - Pretty sure I could just eat it straight from the jar with a spoon.  I haven't...or anything...*runs away*.

Alright, I think that's enough for now. This has been an exceptionally fantastic cup is definitely full of joy and brimming over with happiness muffins.  Oh, and it's Pie (Pi) Day, so really what could go wrong?  I had a big honking slice of cherry pie earlier this week...I might have to have a piece for lunch to celebrate the holiday.

What kind of pie are you OBSESSED with?!

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